Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tag Me Tag You

Susan just tagged me! I have to tell five weird things about myself, then ask five others to do the same in order to share our blogs with others. Am I weird enough for this game? That may depend on whom you ask. Let's see...

  1. I'm a sort of hermit. I can stay alone at home for days on end. 'Course I do like to talk with my on-line friends and Pixie, of course! :-)
  2. I double line my kitchen trash can - I think it's cleaner - my son thinks it's anal.
  3. I've trained my pup to 'let me dry your feet' when we come from outside. But then, I don't EVER wear shoes in my house, and my son is trained the same way. Of course this doesn't apply to guests - which are few - refer to number 1.
  4. I can play/work with no background music or TV - actually prefer it unless actively watching.
  5. The ink pen I'm using must, if possible, match the clothing I'm wearing. Used to be that way with underwear, but got over that one!

Now? Lillian, Debbie R, Melissa, Jo in NZ, and Renea.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

The ink pen thing is wierd! LOL But I don't like background noise either I like it nice and quiet!