Monday, October 16, 2006

Favorite Spot

Today Melissa tagged me to show and tell about my favorite spot. Unlike mine, her spot is so neat and tidy! My favorite spot is in 'my chair' which is an OLD LayZBoy recliver that I've had reupholstered twice - and it's honestly ready again. It is in my den in front of the TV. Depending on how I'm sitting, Pixie either sits on my side or behind my neck - yes, like a neck warmer. She knows better than to bother anything there, and there is usually a lot .... Next to the chair is a daylight floor lamp that helps me see to work, and on the other is a side table that holds my drink and stitching accessories. And then there are my bead, ribbon, and thread containers. If they're out, they all get picked up and put away when the Grandpuppy (Great Dane) is visiting.

Whose favorite spot shall we visit next? Norma, Pat, and Gerry. Come on girls - show and tell!


Anonymous said...

It looks cozy! Good stitching spot! I stitch at my breakfast table! Not very comfy, but I have all the table space I need. It's a mess with CQ stuff everywhere! LOL

Susan said...

What a comfortable looking chair! And that dog looks a lot like my friend's - Herbie.