Saturday, October 21, 2006

Challenge to Organize

A challenge was posed on the CfN list, and so it begins. I am off work a few days next week, and my plan had been to work in the craft room - as stated earlier, it looks like a loading dock. This is 'my year' to host our family Christmas gathering, so the house must look like someone actually lives here. I will take photos of before and after, but don't know if they'll be posted until later!

I did get a start earlier in the week with organizing my DMC floss. I had sorted it by color, but that wasn't working, so went back and sorted by number. I don't do a lot of cross stitch any more, but when I do, well, you get the drift. One day I'll do this again and split the numbers into smaller sections - or then again I could use those bottom drawers for additional, new DMCs... hummmm.

These are my ribbon boxes. The little one to the left is for some that are ordered. Someone, Renea? said she liked the ones on spools best, so I HAD to have some - won on eBay recently and haven't used yet, but does look like a smoother way for storage. I think I'll put the ordered ones on spools when they come - now where are those empty spools? Those messy ones would be a good test, wouldn't they?

These are my bead containers. I just LOVE these things. You'd think my CQs would be loaded with 'em, and maybe I'll use more now that I can find them. There are some crystals on order, and just a couple of empty slots to fill in...

These are my charms and other miscellaneous trinkets.

These are the buttons. Again, you'd think I'd use more... Those on top are yet to be sorted.

So, the items are in fairly good shape, it's just getting them into the room in some semblance of order that's my major problem. Blogging about it is so much more fun than working on it!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Such organization! You will be putting us all to shame. (And I was patting myself on the back for managing to get all my perle cotton in one place.)Sigh

Susan said...

I'm so impressed with all you have and how you have it organized. I only wish I had so much room! =)

I have to organize my threads by color - I'm such a color person. I don't do anything that requires having them by number anyway.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Good start! I love all the beads and buttons you have. I expect to see more of them in your projects (hint, hint). Glad you took my challenge so seriously -- now don't you feel better? (hee hee). Wait for Parts 2 and 3. . . .

seoulsisterstevens said...

I love your stash organization. Anything that you cant fit in drawers can I have? =)