Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy Quilt Reproduction Fabric

~~ Updated April 18, 2008 ~~

Ah, yes...there are others!

This one is Crazy Quilts by Moda.

Stitches in Bloom - not really a CQ reproduction, but a 'cheater' embroidery.

Stitches in Bloom - just could not resist the colors!

Rachel Jean for SSI

Questions have been asked: What will you do with all these? Well, so far I've made a small arm cover for "my chair" - got a new one that I haven't photoed yet - for Pixie to sit on. It is from this one...

This one is a gray and tan denim, Cranston, 2005.

The future plan is to redecorate my sewing room to a more 'girly' space, so I'd like to make covers for the rocking chair in there from the Stitches in Bloom - red and yellow. I'm off next week, and plan to do Spring cleaning. We'll see if that notion stitcks, and how much gets done. If there's time left, maybe...

~~ Updated March 30, 2008 ~~

Are they all reproduction? I'm not sure about the definition, but they're all so pretty, and I'm surprised at the ones that are available - and the ones that are SO popular and hard to get! The following are pictures of the pieces I've collected most recently.

This one is new, from Hobby Lobby, by Brother and Sister Designs. The HOT colors make it less 'original' looking, but it's still pretty.

Amy Rosenberg for VIP by Cranston

This one appears to be from the 70s because of the color way, and it is labeled Fifth Avenue.

~~ Updated March 3, 2008 ~~

I started updating this post last night, but was having problems with getting photos in. Before I knew it, it was gone! Even with the Auto update feature, it was Gone...

On Saturday I made a trip to MaryJo's Fabric in Gastonia. It is about a 40 minute drive for me. I've been there a couple times before, but always seemed overwhelmed. This visit was SO much better, and I believe it was because I had something specific to look for. After I found them, the rest just came naturally. They had only one print of the CQ 'cheater' but it was available in three colors!! Then I moved on to the quilting cottons, and the fat quarters, and buttons, trim and laces, and notions! YES, it was a fun afternoon.

As I mentioned earlier, I won a couple yards of reproduction CQ fabric on eBay, too. As you can see, it's one more collection I've started. I'll try again to post the pictures - but will save first!!

This one is primarily purple, Hoffman.

This is the Daisy Kingdom, like the one pictured below in blue, but this one is in the bright colors.

This one isn't really what I consider crazy quilt, but thought it was interesting anyway! Fabric Traditions.

These are the same print, just different color ways I got from MaryJo's, "A Stitch in Time".


Janet and I have been having a conversation about reproduction Crazy Quilt fabric that is sometimes called Cheater Cloth. She has shown the original on her blog if you would like to see where it started.

I happened to have a piece I won on eBay several years ago that I promised to photo for Janet. I have recently won a couple more, but haven't received them yet, so I'll update this when they arrive, but none are original's like hers!!

I have attempted to get a shot of each of the block sections. This is Daisy Kingdom, "Allover Crazy Patch."

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crazyQstitcher said...

I love your blocks, they are so unusual. Have you used a glitter thread for all the needlework?

I Googled Cheater cloth with no satisfactory success. What exactly is it please?

gocrazywithme said...

I'm so excited! I have this fabric, too, but in the other color scheme. It is sort of brown, black, red, blue, tan, and metallic gold stitching accents. It is sort of realistic as far as old quilts I've seen. Will try to post a pic on my blog soon so you can see what I mean.
Would you be willing to trade a FQ of your blue for a FQ of mine?

gocrazywithme said...

I posted photos of my fabric on my blog. Check it out....

Allison Ann Aller said...

Charlene, these cheater fabrics are great!
I've been thinking of about them, too...only making my own by printing up jpegs of some of the great crazy quilts from Ebay that Kerri Murphy posts on the CQ lists.
The question is...what to do with them? Do you have some ideas in the works?

...and thanks for your comment about my denim shirt. Love your ideas on what to wear it with too..thanks!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I missed those cheater prints, I was just at Mary Jo's a week ago. Have you checked out the thread outlet store near her?
Janet in NC

Gerry said...

I never even noticed these fabrics before. Now I see them everywhere. LOL. You have a nice variety.

JK said...

Hey hon how are you!!?? So glad you stopped by, and thanks for your wonderful post. My goodness you have been busy! Lots of beautiful fabrics you have there that cheater cloth is gorgeous!! Whatcha gonna make??