Sunday, March 09, 2008

Updates and Musing

Recently I have found myself with pinched nerves in my neck, which result in awful, terrible pain down my right arm. After several visits to the Chiropractor, my MD, and most recently to the Physical Therapist, there is relief in sight. I must continue with PT - they strap my head into a contraption and it pulls so that the discs separate to give the nerves space to become unpinched. I asked the nice young man (with lovely strong arms) if I could bring the machine home with me, to which he chuckled and said I'd have to come see him to use it. It is scheduled for three times next week - M/W/F, and we go from there. It is SO much better after only one treatment, I hope this may be enough.

Those of you reading this know I've been on a Crazy Quilt sabbatical recently doing more cross stitch. Not that I've gotten THAT much done, especially with this pain in the neck, but if you care to see what I've been doing you can pick up the link to my Needle in Hand blog on the left.

I've recently bought myself a serger. Now you know I've never even made a quilt, but I wanted one - at least to use for going around my blocks to keep them from unraveling. Then to use for hemming things since I'm a shortie and it costs at least $10 to $12 bucks to have a pair of pant done professionally, and there are tons of T's I'd love to wear, but they're too long and cling too much to the hips! So I got one. Won't you leave a comment and tell me what your favorite thing to do with your serger is.

Anyway, Susan asked the other day if I missed CQ yet, and I confessed, Yes I do and have been thinking of things I want to do. So today I decided to spend time with my CQ Friends to see what they've been up to, and as ever, I was delighted to see all the amazing work you have been up to.

Susan and Candi are now shop owners etsy. Go have a look at some of their lovlies! Allie has turned a plain denim shirt into a thing of beauty! Janet is "going crazy" through some sane quilts - with great precision and beauty. Gerry's Fritz has been having a great commune with his animal friends, and it's no wonder since his Mom has such a decorative hand on those seasonal blocks!! Ati made a thing of beauty from a baggie of s'trash'. No, these aren't all my CQ friends, but they're the ones who were in the blogroll review today!

If you're at all interested in the old advertisement/trade photo cards, please go look at BibliOdyssey! There are some great ones shown there today! I think so many of these would make fantastic central images for blocks.

This little post has taken most of the day to compose, so I'll be back again sooner than later to continue with the visit to friends! You've been missed.


Ati. Norway. said...

Oh, now I know why you have been so quiet lately. I hope the treatment will help to feel better soon.Take care!

Gerry said...

Wishing you much comfort and real relief with your pain!

Thanks for the mention, and for the what's up with others. I feel out of touch too.

And guess what GIRLFRIEND???? You've been MISSED TOO!

Maddie Can Fly said...

So sorry to hear you've been in pain -- that's no fun! Relax with those Dark Tower books and keep looking at all our great CQ stuff -- we'll get you back with us (LOL)

Louisiana Momma said...

you and I have such similar interests.. I love XS too.. however it seems all my gifts and stuff for sale take priority and I don't get to XS as much as I like.. I do like to do some XS in between CQ projects when I can .. it's a refreshing change.. it's nice to have that XS fabric to guide us in our stitches isn't it!! Do share any new CQ projects with us :-)

Gwen Knight said...

A pinched nerve? I can only imagine your pain! Good thing you decided to seek treatment. Combining physical therapy and chiropractic care can bring great relief and lessen the pain and the stress. By fixing the misalignment of tissue, bones, and joints, the combination is helping the nerves to function properly. But I guess, your chiro did a fine job of making you feel pinched-free!

Jaye Fiecke said...

Do you still go to PT sessions? In my case, when I had neck pain a few years ago, my best friend recommended me that I see a physical therapist. My neck pains disappeared a few days after the session, and it hasn’t come back yet. Here’s hoping it won’t, anymore. =)