Saturday, October 13, 2007

Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches

Carole Samples' book, Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches, is a fantastic resource! And the woman is a true inspiration. Such a gentle, kind spirit she has. A small group of friends have come together to practice using this book as a guide. My intent is to draw a diagram of each of the stitches using rulers and templates to make them correctly, do practice stitches on Aida or other even weave cloth, then put them to use on a sampler or actual block.

Starting at the beginning with Primary Stitches, 1-14, then 15-27, these are my samples of 1a Single Stitches.

The next section, 1b, are the Arrow Stitches.

The final section of Group I - Primary Stitches, are the Fan Stitches.

A special component of this group is the Secret Santa sharing thought of and coordinated by Candi. This is my October 1 Secret Santa gift. It's the neatest tiny needle book I've ever received. Fall is in the air :-). We'll find out who Secret Santa is in December!

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Susan said...

I love your little samplers, and the blocks, too. The fan stitches look so great in that color thread. What is it?