Saturday, October 13, 2007

Season to Season Share - Fall

~~~Updated~~~ 10/13/07

The Season to Season Share block I received to work on is Helina's. It is such a lovely lock, and it was almost intimidating to begin, but once I got started it flew right along.

This is Helina's block after I finished working on it. These scans wash out the color a little, but it is really pretty. The first thing I stared adding was the tree. Next the gold arrow stitches, the brown fan stitched seam, the fan, the small stitched seams around the central motif, the spider and web, the buttonhole along the green seam, and finally the mums around the tree base. I hope it stays in Helina's fall plan.

This is my fall block after Helina's contributions! She added silk ribbon flowers on the upper left, an over and under buttonhole scalloped seam with heart beads, and other beaded seams. Isn't it lovely? I haven't received it back yet, but from the picture I know it will certainly be a knock out in person. Can hardly wait to see it!


This is an updated picture of my Fall swap block.

I finished adding leaves to the tree, and believe I can stop now to give my partner a space to work.

I thought I was half finished until a took a picture earlier, then realized it wasn't close enough. So I'm working on this tree now. I'll update again before sending it off to Gerry.

Gerry from the CQ for Newbies group is hosting a new swap - Seasons. The one we're working on now is Fall. This is my blank fall block. We are to embellish half the block, then it will be forwarded to our swap partner to embellish the other half. Lots of the other ladies have already made and embellished their halves, and it's not due to Gerry until sometime in August.


Candi said...

Very pretty!:) I love the color combination.

Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

This is really a lovely block, Charlene. Very soothing, and the center piece is precious!

BYW...That is one HONKING BIG dog. Move over Scooby Doo! LOL. Glad you're feeling better.

sorry about the delete. I can't spell or read today :-(

Thelma said...

Very beautiful block Charlene!

Jane said...

Your block is gorgeous, Charlene! I especially love the flowers in the basket... I will be curious how you change the tree, looks perfect to me.

Ati. Norway. said...

What a lovely block Charlene, special the tatted basket with the embroidered flowers, beautiful!
Love the tree too!
And such a nice thread you have received in the mail last week, yummy.... very good to embroider an other "Fall' block with :)

Gerry said...

What a great tree. I just saw Lauri's too. I don't know if I'm ready to tackle that yet. LOL.

I cannot believe all of your goodies. I just never find buys like that. Good for you! Have FUN, FUN, FUN with them.

Candi said...

Your block is just gorgeous!!! That tree is awesome! Can't wait to see it all done:)

Maddie Can Fly said...

Love the tree Charlene -- great job! And the threads you scored too.

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4 said...

Wow I just love this block . You did a wonderful job on the tree and your colours are so nice !

Susan said...

Both blocks are wonderful. Love your trees!