Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stitching Enlightenment

Lesa posted a Philosophy/Justification for UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that I agree with, and it proved enlightening!

Many times I think and see comments on this topic: Why is most of my work done for gifts (that may or may not be appreciated) or on RRs (round robins). Not only UFOs, but most of the items we work on are for our stitching enjoyment = entertainment. If it isn't fun, why do it?

Justification for the topic may be, I spend so much time working on _____ that there's no time for MY project, or Using all that great stash on things for others. This could be why my stash grows so rapidly -- the part of the stash that I'm 'saving' for the special project never gets used? I tried to break out of this mold recently by sorting my 'special' fabrics among the rest by color. It has been quite enjoyable using these almost forgotten treasures - what's more special?!

Another Stitching Enlightenment is when it's a LOT more fun there comes a more inspired, creative result. OK, so I'm not an artist like many of the great stitchers we admire. Every piece they stitch truly looks like a work of art. It's not that I don't try my best on any piece, but there are projects that seem be quiet - they don't 'speak to me' demanding more. So what is it that makes some projects more fun than others?

Recently I've been working on two similar pieces. One is infinitely more fun and inspiring than the other. Why is that? There are no time constraints or requirements that make them different. My only observations are that I know one of the recipients better and the colors are more in my comfort zone. I'll post scanned -in progress- pictures of the two later.

I'd love to read your ideas, so comment, please.


Melissa said...

I agree with you, I have more fun when the project is in my comfort zone or if I know the person and know what they like. I think my best pieces fit in that category too.
I do try to do projects for myself too but I have the same tendency to forget myself and think only of others. I try to keep it in balance though and if I have too many RR's to not join any more until I have more balance.
The other thing is sometimes the deadline coming up helps get me thinking on how to embellish more then when it's my own project there is no deadline so I can lollygag.
The only time I did NOT enjoy my stitching was on those large monograms that I stopped doing and decided to do a more fun alternative I'm all for keeping stitching joyful and not a burden.
The other thing I like about doing RR's is that I gain experience and with the experience I get better in my stitching so when I do resume my own projects I have more inspiration and idea's for it. For example if I had never done that motif on Lillian's block I would never of tried doing it on my jacket!

Anonymous said...

I saw your weight-loss ticker! Way to go! How are you doing it?
Debbie, who loves staying in her own stitching comfort zone

Candi Harris said...

You sure hit the nail on the head Charlene:) In my comfort zone I'm very comfortable and feel my work is good. When I get away from there it's difficult..I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone more so I can grow. So maybe oneday? I love your hearts! I love your work! period:)

Maddie Can Fly said...

Thanks for the link Charlene. As far as not stitching on our own stuff, sometimes we tend to put ourselves last. We're more apt to stitch on a RR or gift item (that has a deadline) then to take the time for our own projects. But then THAT's a whole 'nother justification philosophy (LOL)

Jo in NZ said...

Great thought provoking post. I enjoy stitching, and would do it anyway, even without online groups. These groups have given me an avenue to NOT have piles of UFO's!!!
I think I enjoy the heart /3" block swaps etc the most, as I am stitching solely for me, even though they will end up with someone else. When I am stitching them, they don't yet have a destination, so there isn't that pressure that you talk about. I can also push myself out of my comfort zone, because they don't ever have to be passed on if they are really bad. lol
I do feel a bit stressed with RR etc, but I also enjoy the challenge, especially if it is colour/fabrics I wouldn't normally work on.
I have only worked on one project for me (it's still a UFO), but I do take each finished bag 'out' for a test run before selling them. lol