Monday, February 19, 2007

The Blogging Path

I wonder how in the world we get things done; we the inquisitive. We have our bloglines set up so that we know when one of our links of interest is updated, but then there are days like today. SharonB suggested "A Few Links", and off I went to spend a few hours touring the sites.

There was Mary Corbet's site, Needle'n Thread where she was comparing silk threads - but what fascinated me there was the library of video tutorials for embroidery stitches. There are lots of other great resources here, too.

Next I traveled to the BibliOddesey site. There is a lot of intellectual data here, but I got lost clicking on different picture links and finding images galore. I suppose the visual stimulation was enough for my journey today.

So on we go. Traveling the web for inspiration, knowledge, entertainment... Enjoy!

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