Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Unplanned Christmas Events

The Christmas celebrations were not exactly as planned. After making preps to have the party at my house this year, my aunt who has been fighting ovarian cancer had an after surgery blockage, and was in the hospital for the week before. She had surgery and went home on Saturday. On Sunday, the day of the party, she began bleeding from the incision, so she went to her daughter's home, and they asked to have the gathering there so she wouldn't have to be up and down, in and out. Packing up all the food was a pain, but it was fine if it made her more comfortable. Also on Saturday I went to the doctor to have an abscess under my breast checked. The doctor sent me to the ER to meet a surgeon at 3:00 to take care of it. After several hours a PA incised it, saying it looked like a spider bite to him, leaving a one inch hole, and I left at 9:00 pm. I've been on pain meds since then - and it still hurts. Need to go to a surgeon to have it evaluated again. We were able to have Christmas morning breakfast here, and open our immediate family presents. I'll have a few pics to share soon. Everyone seemed pleased.

I'm off work, and with all the preparations over, there's un-decorating to do. I'm ready to get stitching again!!


Ati. said...

Oh Charlene, I am very sorry to read about all your trubbels with Christmas. Hope you will recover soon!

TeresaB said...


I hope you and your aunt are feeling better! May the New Year start off in a much better way!

Susan said...

I'm sorry that things didn't go as planned, but what does these days? I'm glad your aunt was able to participate at least, and hope she is healing better now.

I hope the pain meds will soon be unnecessary, and that the abceess is nothing. Sounds like a big problem for a little bite - are they sure that's what it was?

I'll look forward to seeing what you are doing. I got needles and the Foster tatting book!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Not the best of Christmases hey Charlene? Happy New Year and let's hope 2007 is better for all of us.