Friday, December 15, 2006

Out of Hiding

We were challenged by Lesa of CQ for Newbies group to pull a project out that had been hiding. I made a lampshade cover a long while ago, but had never gotten around to applying it to the shade, so today I used spray adhesive and attached it. It looks pretty good to me.


Susan said...

Looks pretty good to me, too. But does it let enough light out? I looked at the stitching, and some of it is very unusual!

Thelma said...

I like your lampshade. I have always wanted to do one. How did you do it? Did you sew it to the shade itself or use the shade as a pattern?

Charlene said...

Thanks for your comments. I used the shade to cut the foundation (ended up being much too big) to make the 'block' on, then I embroidered it as a whole piece. After it was finished, I used spray adhesive to attach it to the shade. I wonder now how it may have worked to use elastic in the top and bottom so that it could be a slipcover for the shade... I like it well enough to leave all the time, but if the pattern was truly seasonal, that would be something to consider.