Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday Season

Hey, Friends.

Had a great birthday yesterday - slept in until 10:00 - an unusual treat. My son came for the evening, and we had dinner with my parents. Good food and good times. He got me a new remote for the TV and all the cable, DVD, audio gadgets and programmed it for me. Today we went out and got the tree and decorated it.

I've also displayed Santa this year. The big ones on the shelf above the door stay out all year - can't put them away - but the others are only out during the holidays.


Jo in NZ said...

Happy Birthday Charlene!!
By the way, love your wall colour.

Susan said...

How did I forget that it was your birthday yesterday? We just had this conversation 5 days ago! Happy birthday, one day late. I'm glad you had a good one.

Is that a window frame behind the Santas in the middle picture? Did you/Do you tole paint? My friend in CA bought some window frames like that to tole paint and put inside on walls.

TeresaB said...

Happy Birthday! Programming the remote was just like getting an extra gift!

I am very glad to see that your family does not fall into the "Christmas and birthday" gift/celebration habit! Having a birthday in December myself, it sometimes really frosts me when people do that.

Gerry said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday, Charlene. sometimes sleeping in and hanging out are a good thing to do!

pat winter said...

Happy Belated Birthday Charlene. You share my mother's birthdate. Hope it was a great one. Hugs,Pat