Friday, February 15, 2008

Lover of Crafts

Wow! Am I ever surprised and humbled. Linda, of I Love Crafts & Craft Blogs has written an article about my blogs. If you'd like to read another craft lover's opinion of crafters' blogs, have a look at her site. When I looked, mine was first in the list.

Thank you so much, Linda. I hardly knew you were speaking of me!!


JANE said...

Congrats on the wonderful recognition and awesome layout of your work on Lindas site. You are truly one of the top crafters I know and I really enjoy your blog and all the things you share. Thanks for being out there for us Charlene!

Gerry said...

OMG, you're a celebrity!!! What a wonderful compliment. I think she did a great job of describing you and your work.

I'm happy for you. And you should be too :-)

Linda said...

Charlene, you're very welcome. I'm so happy you liked the article. When I can find some time I am going to try my hand at tatting. I'mn not sure how I'll do. If I need help (which I probably will! LOL LOL)you will be the first person I think of.


Susan said...

Wow, pretty cool! She did you proud. You definitely deserve it!

Candi said...

Congratulations on the awesome compliment. BTW you've been tagged! You can go to my blog and find the rules.