Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I had my cookbooks out the other evening planning our Thanksgiving meal - same things using different recipes, perhaps. My DS asked, what are you doing? I said, looking for recipes... He said, I look for them online -- are we not having green bean casserole? Are we not having squash supreme?

So the menu will be our fairly standard fare: Roast Turkey, Dressing and Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Squash Supreme, Winter Veggies (potato, turnip, brussle sprouts (several stores didn't have parsnips), carrots, and garlic in olive oil), and rolls.

Something new I'm trying for dessert: Pumpkin Tassies. The recipe included a crust, but mine are 'semi-homemade', Sandra Lee style. I bought the little pie shells and baked them first. Mine must have been larger than the recipe because it said, makes 20-24, and mine made eight. Had to make two batches ;-). The filling has brown sugar, pumpkin, egg yolk, cream, spices and flavoring. The topping is very similar to what I use for sweet potato souffle - brown sugar, butter, and pecans. One of the crusts tore, so we HAD to eat that one - it was good! Oh, and my dinner rolls... they're rising in the freezer ;-)

So how about y'all ... trying anything different this year?
I am thankful for so many things: family, health, home, job, but also among the tops on my list are all the online friends I've 'met and befriended' over the past year or so. Thanks for being there, and for allowing me to share in your lives!


Susan said...

Those tassies sound delicious! Where did you find the recipe? My children always want the traditional things. We don't do new things because it's sacrilege or something. =) We actually cut out some things this year because it was just the two of us!

Jane said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Charlene! I am sure everything came out delicious. Enjoy the long weekend...