Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today is the first day of spring - and spring fever has really taken hold of me. It has been a long time since I wanted to really work in my yard, but that's where I'd love to be now - but the mortgage has to be paid.
From a distance this red Dogwood looks like it's still winter, but look closer... see the first blooms?

As posted earlier, I planted some rose bushes. Hopefully there will be some pictures to come. There is one peony next to the deck (last year's photo under Home Outside label), and there were two others in a more shady spot, but they've had no flowers for a couple of years, so I moved them over with the one that did bloom. I put Dianthius in a pot on the deck steps, and several that need to be potted on the front porch. Oh, and the pear trees have bloomed, and it looks like snow falling when you walk out at first. Just beautiful. The plum trees had bloomed as well, but the frost earlier this week took it's toll on them - although there are a few that are still white.

The pansies are still looking pretty, even though spring is here and they don't typically like the warmer weather.

These trees are blooming for the first time - and I've been waiting for two years! They're Red Buds.

What else do I want to do? Well, in a couple of weeks it'll be time to work on the veggie garden. I could spend a good deal of time in the herb garden - once it was overtaken by oregano, but now it seems to be rosemary who wants to spread her wings!!

"Rosemary, the herb of remembrance, friendship and love, has been used as a medicinal and aromatic herb for thousands of years. In ancient Greece students wore it in their hair to improve memory. In the Middle Ages sprigs of rosemary were placed under pillows to ward off evil spirits. Rosemary was carried by brides to promote love and used in funerals to insure remembrance. It is said that if a rosemary bush grows vigorously in the garden, the woman is the head of the household."

Ah, yes - the ornamental Bradford pear trees are in full bloom now, and even though they don't smell the greatest, I think they're beautiful. When I walk out the door in the morning, it reminds me of snowfall... NO, I don't want that now, but it's just the glow they give.

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