Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring Plantings

Last weekend I planted three rose bushes - yellow, yellow-coral, and white. There are already three red ones around the yard, but I placed these next to the deck in the back yard.

Rose are one of my favorite flowers! They are beautiful in bud, some smell spectacular, and they have meaning! Many places tell of the rose's meanings, but this is one I happened upon at Morrison Gardens.

While writing this, the need to record their names in my garden journal, or here, strikes me. I have been very complacent in doing that, and the others haven't been recorded and I don't remember who they are!

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Susan said...

I love roses, too. My mother had 200 rose bushes, and I planted almost all of them for her. She had every color under the sun, and, in Tucson, there were roses almost all year long, any time you wanted them. I miss that!