Friday, January 12, 2007

This Crafter’s Dream

Reminiscent of great grandmother’s parlor combined with the place where grandpa gathered with his friends to drink coffee, play checkers, and chat away the hours. The doors open to everyone who LOVES needle crafts.

There are the sane quilters with their cotton, batting, rulers, right angles, frame, and of course a long arm to share.

Those who crochet, knit, embroider, and tat have yarn, floss, needles, patterns, and shuttles. Let’s not forget punch needle, ribbon embroidery, and other special talents.

Then we have the Crazy Quilters. They may be harder to recognize since they flit between all the other groups… getting ideas, learning a new stitch or craft, deciding how to incorporate that special talent into their latest project.

The entire studio is brimming with nice, comfortable furniture, tables for spreading materials, machines, great lighting, demonstrations, and a library for every topic. Of course there are baskets of floss, buckets of beads, reels of lace, and barrels of fabric stash!

Perhaps there will be a store front for consignment offerings to support the life of the studio, and to give knowledge and experience to those who want to sell their projects.

And for my personal use, a loft home above the studio. So, when this crafter wins the lottery, I’ll be sure to post a notice that the dream has become a reality. I do hope you’ll all stop by to craft for awhile.


Maddie Can Fly said...

Sounds great -- I hope you've bought your ticket (LOL)

Susan said...

I'll be there!