Monday, May 15, 2006

Crazy Quilting

I have been crazy quilting for several years, and it is one craft I tend to return to again and again. I love that it incorporates so many needlework crafts into one: quilting, embroidery, beading, tatting, and the options are limitless.

Most recently I have agreed to host a needle case swap for the CQ Newbies group list. There are about 16 who have signed up to participate. I have almost finished the embellishment of one, and plan to make two. Pictures to come...I also participated in a nekkid block swap. Members sent in unembellished blocks which were sent out to other members, then we sent them back to be returned to their original owner. I haven't gotten mine back yet, but this was a fun project. Here is a picture of the 20 minute swap block - we threw together a baggie of materials in a 20 minute span, then sent them in, the host sent back two from others, then we made a block from those items.

I'm also in the midst of making a themed crazy quilt for my son. It is a cotton project - my first.


Elizabet said...

AH HA! Its your block I'm in love with!
Lovely blog.

Charlene said...

Thanks so much Elizabet. You know that block was made from the '20 minute swap baggies' on the CQ for Newbies list.

Anonymous said...

I am also a very new and not too good needle tatter. I loved looking at your use of the tatted work on this beautiful crazy quilt piece. I am going on vacation soon and one thing I can accomplish while traveling is to tat. Thank you for this inspirational use of your tatting expertise. I am down on the TX Gulf Coast in TX. I loved your blog, have not attempted that yet but yours is very well organized and so interesting. Tks Lynnis Burt

Yvonne said...

Charlene, I really like the simple but dramatic color combination of this CQ piece. It's very pleasing to look at. Like you, I'm drawn to CQ as well because of its "total" immersion into all kinds of handi work. So much fun it is to learn all these different crafts for those of us who like to work with our hands.