Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pixie and Family

This morning you can see what it's like to be a fur baby in this home. I tried to slip in on Pixie before she got up one morning, but she's audibly super sensitive. She sleeps with me, usually starting curled up around my legs or hips, but typically ends up on the pillow.

This is a photo of my immediate family. Some of you know that my DS has moved back in with me while he is back in college. Along with him came Kilo, about one-year old Great Dane. In July she and I had an accident. After walking her, we were playing with her tennis ball, and it took a bounce under the split-rail fence. Not knowing I couldn't 'hop the rail' she went for the ball under the rail, I stumbled, and my face went into the top rail. Yep, it ended with about eight stitches - well, not really ended. Under my eye is still puffier and sort of bruised looking, and the cheek bone area still has a few numb places, but all in all, it's better.
I hear you asking - no, I don't walk her anymore. She's too much for me to handle. Don't like to say that, but it's just a matter of physics, I suppose.
Yesterday, Saturday, DS and I spent about five hours cleaning house. Scrubbing the bathrooms, moving furniture sweeping and mopping, cleaning the stove - he's the chef, I'm the clean-up gal. It was SO worth it, though. I had been at the point of shame for visitors, but now guests are welcome. Well, except for my sewing room, but that's a day of its own. Everything is in turmoil in there from searching, pulling together, tatting trip, and just not keeping everything in its place. And my closet - big clothes, summer clothes, and now fitting clothes. The off season and wrong size clothes usually live in the closet in my sewing room, but with the change of size and season, they've all been mixed and so it needs major attention. Not today, though. I'm enjoying the rest of the house being in order!


Louisiana Momma said...

hope you get to feeling better soon.. and I can appreciate your cleaning too.. my bathroom needed it badly.. I would start cleaning on the other end of the house and by the time I get to my bathroom it's time to stop and do something else. Well a few weeks of that had my personal bathroom a wreck. I didn't realize how bad until I cleaned it and noticed a big difference.. its nice that your son was there to help you.. now if only I could move myself to

Susan said...

That sounds even worse on second reading! Are your stitches out?

Candi said...

Hope you're much better by now:) Ouch doesn't even cover it!